20 years of Chaz & Dave...

Well for 20 odd years they've been designing together,
creating all concepts whatever the weather.
It's old Chaz n' Dave, both creative at heart,
customers say 'well who does your art?'
Innovative designers from concept to finish,
Chaz MuircroftDave Baker ideas won't run out, they'll never diminish.
Chaz the cartoonist comes up with ideas,
whilst Dave's at the bar plying him with beers.
Dave puts together the graphics on the Mac,
keeping customers happy 'cos he's got the knack!
All the designs are produced in house,
like rabbits and dogs and there's even a mouse.
Humour's their forte, they've got loads to boot,
there's cheeky and rude and even some cute!
Designing for companies their cards go world wide,
their clients so pleased that they're on their side.
So if you are looking for that something unique...
...feel free to enter their Design Boutique!